PP 501 / PP 503 The Chair

‘The Round One’ as Wegner referred to it with his usual provincial modesty, is one of the most famous Danish pieces of furniture – and certainly the most significant and distinct Danish. In it’s own modest and simple way it sums up the very essence of traditional Danish wood working and design philosophy. And it is absolutely the most important work of Hans J. Wegner.

Upon the introduction of the upholstered version of The Round Chair in 1950, it was noticed by the American magazine for design and architecture, ‘Interiors’ – they referred to it as ‘the most beautiful chair in the world’. This turned out to be the beginning of Danish design’s great international breakthrough. Yet, Wegner remained rather unimpressed with his own creation “They could have made this hundreds of years ago – nothing new here” he uttered at several occasions, referring to the basically very traditional construction.

When John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon met in the first ever televised election debate in 1960, they sat in The Round Chair. It was chosen mainly for its comfort and genuine quality – made in Denmark and shipped to the USA to play an important role in this historic event. Eventually the Americans came up with a new and more telling name for this chair. They called it ‘The Chair’.

PP 501 is with cane seat and PP 503 is with leather seat.

The chair comes in oak, ash, cherry or walnut.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 63x52x76 – Seating height: 45 cm

Suggested tables pp70 and pp75

Watch video about the creation of The chair here.